■  Meetings are held at the Burnside Community Centre, 401 Greenhill Road,

     Tusmore, corner of Portrush Road, behind Burnside Town Hall, starting at 7:45pm. 

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■  Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the odd months (January, March, May, July,
     September and November


■  Visitors and future members are most welcome to attend.

■  Please remember to bring some supper, especially something new to try

     from your garden. Some of your baking or produce would be most welcome.




Main Topic

Fruit Segment

Jan    24    2017 Annual 'Mini Conference'
3 sessions of 25 minutes, 10 groups on various topics per session, with group leaders.
For the schedule please click on the following link.
2017 conference schedule (100 KB pdf)
March  28   2017

Annual General Meeting; election of officers and committee, review minutes of previous year’s AGM, Treasurer’s Report, appoint auditor, any other business.
Following this our speaker Steve Sykes will talk on cultivating melons. Steve was involved in melon research while working for the CSIRO and his talk will include information on selection of varieties, cultivation practices and saving your own seed.

May     23    2017 Speaker: David Boag talking about Heritage Pears, including history, varieties, cultivation etc. David and his family grow fruit commercially at Ashbourne in the Adelaide Hills, specialising in
heritage varieties of pome and stone fruit. Their fruit is sold through farmers markets at Adelaide Showgrounds, Mt Barker and Willunga.
July     25     2017

Grafting night: grafting talk by one of our experts, followed by sale of scion wood and rootstock and practical grafting. Grafting sessions will also be conducted at Elizabth
and Moana - see below for details.

Sept    26    2017

Speaker: Dr Uwe Stroeher from Neutrog, speaking on Soil Biochemistry,
microorganisms and soil fungi.

Nov    28    2017 Speaker:: Ben Waddelow speaking on propagating sub-tropical fruit trees. Ben is a long time member of the Society with a strong interest in growing sub-tropicals. Ben grows jujubes commercially on his Riverland property.  
Jan    23    2018 Annual 'Mini Conference'
3 sessions of 25 minutes, 10 groups on various topics per session, with group leaders.
If you are keen to present a subject, or would like a particular subject included, please contact one of the committee members.


                           July 2017 - Grafting Sessions

Session 1 Tuesday 25th July 7.45pm at the Burnside Community Centre, 401
Greenhill Road, Tusmore, corner of Portrush Road, behind Burnside Town Hall.

Session 2 Saturday 29th July 10.00am - 1pm at the Elizabeth Grove Uniting Church,
Corner of Fairfield and Harvey Roads, Elizabeth Grove. Ample parking.

Session 3 Sunday 30th July 10.00am - 1pm at the Moana Pioneer Hall, Nashwauk
Cresent, Moana. South side of roundabout. Ample parking.

As usual, these sessions are free, everyone is welcome. Rootstocks, budwood 
and grafting expertise will be available to members and visitors. The aim of  the society is to disperse and thus conserve heritage varieties of deciduous fruits. 
Your personal aim is probably to get varieties that are special in some way,
maybe rare, maybe especially late or early or long season croppers, maybe 
special cooking, preserving or drying fruits, maybe special flavours and colours 
that you won't get at the shops.

Check our website for descriptions of the varieties you may want and plan to get 
them at the July meetings. As member you will have a password to the website to 
access it from home or your local library. We will try to provide some information 
at the meetings but the Burnside one at least is liable to be hectic and the people 
with indepth knowledge are likely to  be flat out serving and grafting, so please don't rely on a good long conversation with them for your research. 

Scout around for your information beforehand and Be Prepared!


Annual Calendar of Propagation

Your society has been evolving in the organisation of grafting techniques and provision of budwood and rootstock for many years. Your committee thinks it is time to formalise the main events on an annual calendar so that you may anticipate what to expect.

We also ask you to participate in some new directions, in the growing of rootstock from seed and in the provision of budwood for budding in January. We hope to be able to provide some seed for you to plant and advise when and how to plant rootstock seeds.

The two main summer and autumn fruiting meetings have been nominated as especial tasting times but we will continue to enjoy produce from members at every meeting at supper time.

January - Budswap
Please pick twigs, cut off the leaves, wrap them in damp newspaper and label them clearly to display at the meeting. We will provide budding demonstrations but you will need to bud at home unless you can provide vigorous rootstocks in pots!

March and May - Harvest Festivals
Please bring labels and any notes about the fruit. The idea is to show what can be grown and of course so the taste may inspire others to grow that variety. Seed planting instructions.

July - Deciduous Fruit Grafting
Rootstocks and budwood will be available for members to purchase. Grafting techniques will be demonstrated. Seed planting instructions.

September - Sub-tropical Grafting
Avocado, cherimoya and citrus budwood should be obtainable. Hopefully rootstock material will also be available for sale. Demonstration of grafting and seed planting instructions.

November - Sub-tropical Grafting
White sapote, loquat and subtropical budwood supply. Demonstration of grafting, protection from weather and after-care. Seed planting instructions.